Build a Data Capture form

Our Data Capture tool allows you to build simple online forms that can be used to populate your documents.  However, we do not save your data in a database, so if you need data storage, please use one of our online form partners.

To build a data capture, we need to first setup our document (template) in Formstack Documents.  The form fields are based off the fields that you have in your document (or data route), so we need to have that process completed first.

Once you have your template ready, go to the Data Capture page and then click the New Data Capture button.  You’ll need to enter a name for the form and then pick the document (or data route) that you want to attach this form to.


On the next screen, we’ll be taken to the Builder.  This is where we are going to add our fields for the form and customize the settings for each field.  For ease of use, you can click the link to add all your document fields to the form.  This will create a text box for each field.


When you click on a field, you’ll be able to customize the settings for that field including the label (what the user will see), the field type, logic, and more.  Feel free to customize any of these settings.


If you need to customize the “submit” button on your form, you can click the button in the Builder and you’ll be given a text box so you can change the text of the button.


Once you have all of your field settings complete, you can go ahead and save your Data Capture and you’ll move on to the Settings tab.  Here, we can customize the name of our form, the URL, and the permission settings.


After we have saved the settings, we are ready to publish our form.  Under the Publish tab, you’ll find the Form URL which you can use to have people fill out the form and trigger the merge process.


Congrats, you’re ready to start using your Data Capture form!


Embed on your Website

If you’d like to embed this form on your website, you can use an iframe in your HTML like this:

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400”></iframe>


Customize Logo

If you’d like to customize the logo that is on your form, you can upload your logo under Account > Profile.

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  • Is there a way to force numbers only 0-99 in a field format and email address email format?

  • Hi Shafqat,

    Unfortunately, we don't have a way to force the format of fields. If you need that functionality, you can use a little javascript (reach out to support for help) or you can use one of our form integration partners instead of our data capture forms.


  • Is it possible for example, a checkbox in Data Capture then if that checkbox will be selected, a text will appear on a textfield in the PDF?

  • Hi Jamie,

    Yes, you can use the Field Map ( and add an "if" statement to set the value of the text field like this:

    {if in_array("Red", $Colors)}Your favorite color is Red{/if}

  • Hi Jeremy,

    If we use the built-in data capture form, where do the details go apart from filling them in the merge fields of the document? We'd like to know on a Data Privacy Regulation perspective if the data is stored where we can access once the form is filled out completely, please.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Yuoseff,

    We do not save your data anywhere. We only populate the fields in the document and then it is deleted from our system.


  • Is it possible to pre-populate some fields on this form? We will be using a webhook that will send basic contact information but we would like the sales rep to select how the document will be merged (i.e. word/pdf/send to sign now).

  • Hi Don,

    Yes, you can pre-populate fields in the URL of your data capture using the name of the merge field. For example:

  • where does the data go other than a document? Can you download the answers to the fields to excel? Is there any videos on the report section of this platform? Struggling to find any information

  • Hi Tina,

    The data capture forms are solely for populating your documents with data. If you need that form data saved in a database as well, we suggest using an online form tool like Formstack. Formstack has an integration with WebMerge to automatically send data over to WebMerge in addition to saving the data in a searchable database.

    The other option is using our Webhook delivery option on your document to send the data to another system like Zapier, then you can save the data in other applications.


  • Can you have a field that utilizes BOTH drop down list and free text in the response? If so, how do you accomplish that?

  • Hi Eileen,

    Unfortunately, they have to be 2 separate fields, but you could put them next to each other in your document so they act as one response.


  • Hi Jeremy,
    Is there a way in which we can add in a combination of "IF" and "AND" logic for showing fields in the data capture?
    e.g. Show this field:
    IF A = B
    AND C=x OR C=y

  • Hi William,

    Unfortunately, we only can support either all ANDs or all ORs, not a mix. Sorry!


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