With the Knack delivery, you can automatically save generated files inside Knack using a file upload field on your object.  Here's what an example Knack delivery setup looks like:



Knack API Key & Knack Application ID:



Knack Object ID:



Knack Field ID:



Knack Record ID:

You'll want to use a merge field like {$record_id} in this setting.  Then you can match that up with your record ID field in your integration sending data over to Formstack Documents from Knack.

If you are using Javascript, then you can grab the ID with something like this:

var data = Knack.models['view_4'].toJSON();
var record_id =;


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  • Thanks Jeremy. I think I am figuring it out.

    With my document, I want to take the merged document and upload it back into Knack. Do I need to be on the starter plan for this or can I still do it on the micro plan please?

  • Sorry, how am I supposed to access the Record ID from knack? I don't write or use Java or know how to start. I was hoping this would be plug and play...

  • Hi Mark,

    It depends on how you're sending data over to WebMerge. If you're using the custom javascript buttons inside your app, then you can use the example code above under the Knack Record ID section.

    If you're using something like Zapier, you should be able to map the Record ID field just like you do your other fields.

    Make sure to setup a merge field in your Knack delivery like {$record_id} so that you can match up the fields in your javascript/Zapier.

    If you have any additional questions, please create a support ticket and we can help!


  • Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately, you will need to be on our Starter plan to be able to use the Knack delivery.



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