Use SOQL Queries

If you're comfortable with SOQL queries and you want to pull in a custom list of object/records from Salesforce, we have a way for you to write your own queries.

The result of the queries will be a list of records, so you need to setup a loop in your document.  Then in your WebMerge Mapping, you'll find that loop merge field, and you'll select << SOQL Query >> from the dropdown.

Then you'll see a text box where you can enter your query:



Use field values in query

This query can include fields from the main object you're pulling data from in the Mapping (ie the Account record).  Our system will search for this format in the query:


So for example, if you wanted to include the Account's Name in the query you would use:



Using the query result

The result of this query (ie the data that's sent over to WebMerge) will be in a list/array that you can loop through in your document.  Inside the loop, you'll use the subfields that you queried to print the values.

Here's an example:

{foreach from=$opps item=_row}

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