Organize Your Documents With Folders

Many of you are starting to create a lot of documents in your account.  That's awesome!  In an effort to make it easier for you to manage those documents, we have added Folders to the documents dashboard.  We are keeping it pretty simply for now and only allowing 1 level of folders (you can't have a folder inside a folder), but that should keep things easy for you.

Create A Folder

To create a new folder, go to your Documents page, and click the New Folder icon on the right side of the page.  From there you will enter a name and the folder will be created!

Move Your Documents

Once you create a folder, you will notice an extra icon alongside each of your documents that looks like a piece of paper with an arrow on it.  This is the move icon and if you click it, you will be able to move that document to one of your folders.

Edit / Delete A Folder

To edit or delete one of your folders, you will need to go to the page that lists the documents in that folder.  From this page you will see little icons in the right corner that will allow you to edit/delete the folder.  If you are deleting a folder, we will automatically move your documents out of the folder, so you will not be deleting the documents as well.

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  • Avatar
    Jeremy Adamson

    Is there any way to put a folder in a folder? We're trying to organize a little more than 1 dimensional folders...

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Clarke

    Sorry Jeremy, we only offer 1 level of folders.

  • Avatar
    Kylie Grant

    It seems to be only admins that can create folders. Would be great if this could be a user/group setting.

    Would also be really good to be able to nest folders in future.

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