Track Document Changes with Version History

With our recent launch of Multiple Users for your account, Formstack Documents is becoming a great tool for teams and departments to manage their document creation.  Tracking changes to documents is going to be very important moving forward now that multiple people have access to modify documents in your account.  We’re very excited to announce that we have launched a Version History feature that will keep track of recent changes to all of your documents.

What do we track?  We simply save a new version of the document each time you click save or upload a new file.  We keep each of these versions for at least 30 days and will always keep your last 3 versions – just in case you need to revert back to a previous version down the road.  Along with each version, we also keep track of the user who saved that specific version.

How do you see your Version History?  If you are using our online builder, you will notice there is a button to the top right of the editor.  If you are uploading a PDF/Word document, then you’ll notice a Version History link underneath the upload area.  When you click these, it will open a popup that will have your version history listed in descending order. 

Again, these versions will be kept for at least 30 days with the 3 most recent versions remaining for as long as you need them

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  • If you hit the Revert button, does WebMerge automatically save and tag the current document before reverting? Or prompt you to save first and then revert?

  • Hi Peter,

    If you click the Revert button, it will automatically save the old version of the file (ie revert to the old version). The Preview button allows you to see the file without saving/reverting



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