Add Multiple Users to Your Account

Have you been sharing a Formstack Documents login with other people on your team?  We’ve got some good news for you – you no longer have to share!  We have just launched the ability for you to add your whole team to Formstack Documents.  Each person on your team will have his/her own user account that will have access to documents in your account.

You can even control the permissions that each user has for your account.  These permissions include creating documents, creating data routes, and controlling access on a per-document basis.  This allows you to have members on your team to have “read-only” access which allows them to review documents in your account, but they cannot make any changes.

This feature is currently available to our Business and Enterprise accounts.  If you are on one of our lower plans, simply upgrade your account and you’ll have immediate access to create as many users as you need.

Adding Users in the New Admin Panel

On the User Management page of the Formstack Admin Panel, Platform Admins can access a list of all users across the products to which they subscribe and invite new users. 

Invite Users

Platform Admins can invite new users to an account. To do this, click the ‘Add Users’ button. 

(Note: At this time, users can only be added one at a time).


On the following modal:

mceclip1.png Enter the email address of the user

mceclip2.pngAssign the platform role (Basic or Admin)

mceclip3.pngDecide which products the user will have access to.



Next, set the product-specific permissions (unless a participant user) for each product the user was provided access to and click ‘Add User’. 




An invite will be emailed to the new user (learn more here) and they will display in the Admin Panel user table as a Pending user.

If needed, Platform Admins can resend the invite to the user by clicking the Actions icon and choosing ‘Resend Invite’.

We hope that this new feature will allow you to integrate Formstack Documents into your business workflows and allow your team to easily manage their own documents.

Seeing a different admin experience in the app? Check out this document here.

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