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For those of you who are generating invoices, event tickets, or other PDF documents that need to generate a unique number, we have added a new feature called "Auto Number".  Basically this works as expected.  You enter a starting number and with each new merge, we will automatically increment that number.

You will find this feature located on the Settings page (under Advanced Settings) for your document and can be used in your document with the variable name "_auto_number" (use {$_auto_number} if using in the build your own builder).  If you are using a fillable PDF you will need to use the Field Map to assign this variable to one of your PDF fields.

If you have any other ideas/needs for customized functionality, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    The sentence in my template is as follows:

    Invoice No./{$_auto_number}/2017-18.

    How do I get it to start from a particular number, say, 27?

  • Hi Rajasekhar,

    Under the Settings page (under Advanced Settings) you can set the current Auto Number to 27.


  • Wonderful. Thank you, Jeremy

  • Thanks for this very helpful addition. I was wondering how to embed the auto number in the file name as well. When I add some data before it (e.g. invoice _auto_number) then it generates a document named "invoice _auto_number.pdf" instead of "invoice 20180001". I'm probably doing something wrong... ?

  • Hi Marc,

    Please choose <> from the dropdown, then you can enter in any text / merge fields you want. Like:

    "Invoice {$_auto_number}"


  • I got all of this, but what if the person orders 3 tickets? I would need 3 tickets numbered in succession, but under the one name.

  • Hi Steve,

    You'll have to use Data Routing to merge the document 3 times and then combine it into a single file. That way each document gets it's own number, but is still a single file that you can email to them.

  • Hey Steve, I am first time form stack user and I have a few quick questions:

    I am looking to create auto number base on the drop down options, is that possible?
    Example: if I select organization A in the dropdown, and organization A has Pre Fix of 825, I will need the auto number to be starting at 825001, then 825002....when it' get to 825009, then the next auto number needs to be 82500A. Please advise.

  • Hello Rui,
    Thank you for your question! We cannot use letters in the auto-number. But you are able to use a prefix in your auto number. You will want to do something like {$OrgPrefix}{$_auto_number}. Please reach out if you have more questions!


  • I used {_auto_number} in the document builder, but when tested it does not increment the number. It only shows the number 0. I assumer this is because there is no value in the form field so it puts zero. How do I get it to automatically put the auto number in the form field so it gets transferred over to the merge document?


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