Save Answers from a Fillable PDF Form

Have you been looking for a way to save fillable PDFs that you (or your customers) fill out?  We’ve got a pretty easy solution!  In a nut shell, you are going to add a submit button to your PDF form, then the PDF will send the data entered by the user to WebMerge and we generate the PDF with the data saved in it.

Here is what you need to do to get this all setup:

  1. Take your Fillable PDF and setup a new WebMerge document.
  2. Copy the Merge URL for that document and add “?download=1” to the end (this will make sure the merged PDF is sent back to the user).  Your Merge URL will look something like
  3. Open the Fillable PDF you uploaded in your PDF editor (NitroPro) and add a submit button if you haven’t already.  For the URL of the button, use the Merge URL from the step above.
  4. Save the PDF and you are ready to test!


Please note: if you make any changes to your fillable PDF, you will need to upload the updated version to WebMerge

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