Streamlining your patient experience can have a major impact on your practice or hospital.  From collecting information from new and current patients to managing appointments and checkups, you can save your office staff countless hours. 

With a tool like Formstack, you can set up online forms that your patients (and staff) can easily complete and your data can be saved in a HIPAA compliant database.  Then, you can add Formstack Documents to the process and automatically populate various templates (forms, reports, etc) with data from Formstack.

For this example, we’re going to show you how to use Formstack to collect information from a new patient then use Formstack Documents to automatically populate a New Patient Form (a PDF) and save it in Google Drive.

To get started, we’re going to set up the template for our new patient form in Formstack Documents using a fillable (editable) PDF.  We’re going to use Nitro PDF to edit this PDF and make sure we have fields on the PDF.  We’re going to name these fields according to the information we are collecting (ie Name, Phone, etc).

Here’s what our new patient form template looks like:

Once we have our PDF template ready, we need to upload it to Formstack Documents.  From the Documents page in Formstack Documents, click the New Document button and enter a name.  On the next step, select Fillable PDF as the document type and then select the file from your computer.


After you have uploaded your template, navigate to the Settings tab where you can modify various options like the type of file that is generated and the name of the file.  For this example, we’re going to
output a PDF and include the name of our patient in the file name.


Once you have saved the settings, we’re going to set up the delivery of our document to Google Drive.  From the Deliver tab, click the New Delivery button and select Google Drive.  After you authenticate your Google Drive account, you’ll see the settings for the delivery.

We’ll need to select the folder that we want to save this file in.  For this example, we’re going to put it in the Patient Information folder, but we also want to put the file in a folder with the patient’s last name.  To do this, we need to click More Options and check the box to Use merge field as a subfolder.  Then select the patient's "LastName field.  This will automatically generate a new folder for each patient.


Once you have the Google Drive delivery saved, you’re done with the setup in Formstack Documents and we’re ready to integrate our document with our Formstack form.

Inside Formstack, open up your patient registration form and go to the Settings page.  Under the Integration Hub, click on the Documents category and then click the Add button underneath Formstack Documents.  This will add the integration to your form, now you need to integrate it with your document.


You’ll need to enter your API Key and Secret (which you can find in Formstack Documents under Account > API Access) and then Formstack will load a list of all the documents you have set up in Formstack Documents.  Go ahead and pick the patient registration document you just set up in Formstack Documents and then Formstack will load a list of all the merge fields you used in your document.


For each of the merge fields, you need to pick the corresponding fields from your Formstack form.  This tells Formstack how to send your form data over to Formstack Documents so that it is populated in the correct spot on your template.

Once you have matched up all of your merge fields, go ahead and turn your integration on (at the top of the page), and then you’re ready to run a test!  Open up your Formstack form and fill in a test submission.  Once you submit the data, Formstack will pass that data over to Formstack Documents and your patient registration PDF will be generated and saved in Google Drive – ready for your staff!

Here’s what our filled-out patient registration form looked like:

Congrats, you’re all finished!  You can now instantly populate all types of documents from data collected on your Formstack forms.  Can you think of any other ways that you could use Formstack Documents to simplify your paperwork process?

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  • Little bug: if you map a long name the name goes in part under the field and is unreadable

  • Thanks for your help! We have talked with Formstack and they have updated their integration to show those field names in a better way.  Now, If you hover over the field name, it will popup and show you the entire name.

  • Is it possible to merge to a read-only form field, so users are able to see but not edit the field value?

  • Hi Richard,

    Yes, that is possible.  This will be a setting for the field inside your Fillable PDF

  • How many fields will Formstack support for one integration. We hit a limit I think with over 700 fields and Formstack UI thx throws an error 500 now when loading the web merge integration settings.

  • Hi Alex,

    I'm not sure the exact number, but I do know issues start to pop up around 500 fields.


  • How do you setup merging of radio buttons from a formstack form into a PDF?

  • Hi Eric,

    Please see the last section in this article on using checkboxes: -- you'll need to make sure the "export" value of your radio buttons/checkboxes in your PDF match the values coming over from Formstack.

  • I'm attempting to integrate a Formstack form into a Webmerge data route. How do I map the fields from the form submission to the Webmerge PDF fields?

  • Hi Blake,

    Inside Formstack under the Settings tab for your form, add the WebMerge integration then you can select your Data Route and Formstack will load the merge fields from your PDF and you can map them to your form fields.

  • Jeremy-
    I followed your instructions on check boxes, but it's not working for me. Does the text put into the "Export Value" need to exactly match the name of the checkbox option with punctuation?

  • Hi Amanda,

    No, the name can be whatever you'd like, but the Export Value in your PDF settings needs to match the value that's coming over from Formstack. Please turn on Debug Mode ( to double check the value we're receiving from Formstack for that field and update your Export Value to match.



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