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Nimble, a service that pulls in all of your contacts across all of your communication channels, is a great way to keep track of your relationships and turn them into profitable relationships.  With their ability to integrate with your email, social channels, professional networks, and more, you are able to see all of your contacts in one easy-to-use interface.   In this example, we are going to show you how you can generate a sales proposal (in Word or PDF) and automatically email it to your prospective customer.

The first step is to set up our template for the sales proposal in Formstack Documents.  We’re going to upload a Word document that we’ve created with merge fields in place for the company name, the person of contact, email address, prices of the proposal, and a description of the work.

Once we have our document setup, we’ll need to set up the Email delivery option to email the document to the prospect.  From the Delivery tab, click the Edit button next to the email delivery option.  For the “To” address, we are going to choose “Email” from the field dropdown.

Next, let’s jump over to the Merge tab to grab the Merge URL for this document.  Go ahead and copy the Merge URL – we are going to need it on the next step inside Nimble.

Hop over to Nimble and sign in to your account, then go to the Settings page.  We are going to use the “External Websites” feature which allows you to embed a webpage in your contact’s information page.  You can find the External Websites settings under Settings > Integrations then click the Settings link next to External Websites.  We’re going to Add a New Webpage and call it “Proposal”.  Then we’re going to take the Merge URL for our document and use that is the URL for the webpage.

Nimble allows you to also send over a little information in the URL in their own merge parameters.  There is a link on that page with more information, but here is what your URL would look like.  You’ll notice that we are using the download=1 parameter so that the document is presented to us right away (in addition to emailing it to the prospect):


Once we save that, we can jump over to one of our Contacts and submit a test.  You’ll find this Proposal options under the Quick Lookups section on the page.  Go there and select Proposal from the dropdown and that will load the WebMerge merge form with some of the information already pre-loaded.  Go ahead and enter the other information and then click the Merge Document button.

That’s it!  You are all set up and ready to start generating sales proposals from your Nimble contacts.  Can you think of any other types of documents you could create using Nimble and Formstack Documents?  If you’re looking to set up a more automated process, check out the integrations with itDuzzit and Zapier.

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