You’ve jumped into the world of HubSpot marketing and sales tools, collecting all of this data on your website visitors, leads, and customers.  But, you don’t have an easy way to populate documents (letters, contracts, offers, etc) from that customer data.  Until now!  With the help of Formstack Documents (via Zapier) you can take your HubSpot data and populate documents on the fly.

For this example we’re going to show you how to send a welcome letter to new leads that come in through our HubSpot Form.  Our first step is going to be to setup our letter in Formstack Documents. We’re just going to use the online document builder for this simple letter.  You’ll see we have inserted our merge fields where we want the information collected on HubSpot to go.

Next, we need to update our Email delivery so that the letter goes to our lead.  Under the Deliver tab in Formstack Documents, let’s edit the default delivery.  For the “To” address, we are going to choose <<Other>> (since we don’t have an email merge field in our letter) then type in “Email” there.  This will create a new merge field called “Email” that will be recognized in Zapier.

After we’ve got that setup, let’s jump into HubSpot and setup our form to collect information from our lead.  This form is pretty simple.  We are just collecting their name, email, title, and company name.  Once you’ve got those fields added, save the form.

Next we’re going to head over to Zapier to setup a new Zap so that each time we have a new lead come through our HubSpot form, that information is sent over to Formstack Documents to generate the letter.  This will all happen automatically!  Inside Zapier, go ahead and create  new Zap and choose HubSpot > New Form Submission as the trigger and then Formstack Documents > New Document Merge as the action.


If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to authenticate the 2 services so that Zapier can interact with their API and get the information you need.  Follow the steps presented to you and when you get to the Formstack Documents document step, go ahead and pick the new document you created for this.  Once you pick the document Zapier will load a list of the merge fields in your document.

Go through each merge field and insert the corresponding HubSpot Form field.  This tells Zapier how to send your data to Formstack Documents to make sure it ends up in the correct spot in your letter.


Now that you’ve got all your fields mapped, you can click next and run a simple test (you might have to submit some test data on your form first).  This test will send data to Formstack Documents and we’ll generate your letter and send the delivery email.

Congrats, you’re all done!  Now every time a new lead comes in through that form, the data will automatically get sent to Formstack Documents and we’ll generate your letter.  How cool is that?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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