Managing your HR department can be a daunting task, but with tools like BambooHR, the process can be a lot more enjoyable.  From tracking candidates and managing the hiring process, to anything related to HR, BambooHR has you covered.

One way to make Bamboo even better is to combine your HR data with Formstack Documents to automatically generate all types of documents.  You can generate offer letters, contracts, and more without lifting a finger.

In this example, we’re going to show you how you can automatically populate a confidentiality agreement when a new employee is added to BambooHR.  We’ll then send the agreement to DocuSign for e-signature.

To get started, we’re going to set up our confidentiality agreement template in Word.  In our template, we’re going to add merge tags where we want our employee’s information to be populated.  The merge fields looks like {$firstName}, {$lastName}, etc.

Here’s what our agreement template looks like:

Since we’re going to get this document signed using DocuSign, we need to indicate where we want the signature to go in our document.  You can add “anchor tags” to your document and DocuSign will overlay the signature in that spot.  These tags look like \s1\

Once we have our document finished, it’s time to upload it to Formstack Documents.  From the Documents page in Formstack Documents, click New Document and then type in a name for the document.  On the next step, choose Office Document as the document type and pick the file from your computer.

When you’ve uploaded your template, you’ll be taken to the Settings tab.  Here, you can change settings like the type of document that is generated and the name of the file that is generated.  For this example, we’re going to generate a PDF document and we’re going to add the employee’s name to the file name.

Once we have the settings saved, we’re going to set up the DocuSign integration so that our agreement is automatically sent over to DocuSign for signature.  From the Deliver tab, click New Delivery and choose DocuSign from the list.

After you’ve authenticated your account, you’ll need to pick which merge fields to use for the name and email address of the employee.  This will allow DocuSign to email the employee with a link to sign the contract.

Once you save the DocuSign delivery, we’re all done with the setup inside Formstack Documents!  Before we head over to BambooHR, we need to grab the Merge URL for our document.  This is going to be how we’re going to send data from Bamboo to Formstack Documents.

From the Merge tab, copy the Merge URL and save that for later.

In order to integrate Bamboo with Formstack Documents, we’re going to utilize the webhooks feature that Bamboo has built into their system (if you don’t have webhooks turned on, email the support team at Bamboo and they’ll turn it on for you).

From the Account page in Bamboo, click the Webhooks link.  We’re going to add a New Webhook and send data to our Merge URL.  You’ll want to choose Employment Status as the field to monitor, then pick the fields that you want to send over to your document (using the same merge field names as you set up in your template)

Next, you're going to enter the Merge URL for your document and you can choose either the JSON format or Form format for the data feed.

Once you save the webhook, Bamboo will automatically send data to your document when you add a new employee to your system.  If you’d like to filter the data so it only generates the document when a certain status is hit, you can use Data Routing to add the logic.

Go ahead and add a new employee and watch the magic happen!  You should receive an email from DocuSign almost instantly.  Here’s what our test looks like:

Congrats, you’re finished!  You can now instantly generate all types of documents from your BambooHR account.  Can you think of any other ways that you could use Formstack Documents to simplify your paperwork process?

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  • Hello Jeremy- Thank for the very nice written article. I'm trying to integrate BambooHR with docuSign using webmerge.

    I've followed the document and able to send document to sender mailbox via docuSign. But when I integrate it with BambooHR by providing the merge URL in webhook. I'm seeing below error in the webmerge console:

    Error message:

    "Hi Abhinav,

    While trying to send a merged document to your DocuSign account, an error occurred. Attached is the document for your records and below is the error message from DocuSign

    "Signer email address is empty/blank""

  • Hi Abhinav,

    Please turn on Debug Mode ( and run another merge to make sure we're receiving an email address and that you're using the correct merge field in your DocuSign settings.



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