Embed Images in Your (Build Your Own) PDF

Embedding dynamic images in your PDF documents is actually pretty easy.  You will need to use the “Build Your Own” option (read this article if you are using a Fillable PDF) and you will use the html <img> tag.

For example:

<img src=”{$variable}” />

<img src=”http://www.yourdomain.com/images/{$variable}” width=”200” height”200” />

You can also use the editor to embed the image. Simply click the Image icon in the editor and type in your merge field for the src of the image


You can embed basically any type of image you want.  You can even use the Google Maps API to embed a map into the PDF!

Depending on what you are using for your “src” in the image, you might need to edit the HTML source of the document directly so that the editor does not automatically put “http” at the beginning of the src.

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  • Hi Jeremy,
    Would it be possible to use this set up to embed a user-loaded image into a template so that it auto-fills the available space?
    I have an image of an iPad frame that I want users to be able to upload images into.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Yes, you could use the iPad image as a background image then embed the image inside. Something like this:

    Please submit a support request for more detailed help.


  • Thanks to Serge on this one. I ended up using inline CSS and added a max width and height, then added auto width and height so the image will load to the first of max dimensions.


    <img alt="" src="{$SourceURL}" style="max-height:200px;max-width:300px;height:auto;width:auto;" />

  • Thank you Rosy for sharing your solution on the message board. It is much appreciated! 


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