Which Type of Document Should I Use?

Build Your Own

The build your own document is for those who don't have a document already created or need a document that can have conditional sections or process the incoming data in some way.  Also, if you are looking to embed images in your document, then you'll need to use this option.  Our builder is an HTML editor, so if you are familiar with HTML/CSS, you can create some pretty customized documents with lots of styling applied to them.  Click here for more information


Fillable PDF

Fillable PDFs are great to use when you need a document that has a specific structure that you would like to maintain.  Unlike the Build Your Own documents, you cannot change the structure of the document once it has been uploaded to WebMerge.  One nice feature about a fillable PDF is the option to make edits to a merged document.  Also, you will need to create the fillable PDF (with software like NitroPDF) and then you will upload that PDF to WebMerge.  You cannot make any edits to the PDF once it is inside WebMerge.  To make changes, you'll have to upload a new version of the PDF.  Click here for more information



Word documents are for those of you that want to edit a document after a merge has taken place.  Much like the Fillable PDF, you will upload a Word DOCX file (with the Merge Fields already defined in it), and then any changes will need to be re-uploaded.  One benefit of a DOCX file is that you can open and modify the file after a merge.  Click here for more information.


Excel Spreadsheet

Need to run calculations on data that is coming in from your merge or use other advanced features of a spreadsheet?  Simply upload your Excel spreadsheet with merge fields already in the cells, and we'll automatically put the data in your spreadsheet.  Click here for more information.


PowerPoint Presentation

Quickly create a customized sales presentation, slide deck, and more by using a PowerPoint presentation as your template.  Upload the presentation with your merge fields on any number of slides and we'll automatically merge the data right into the spreadsheet.  Click here for more information.

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