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Do you spend countless hours day after day, month after month, putting together the same spreadsheets for reporting, projections, proposals, and more - with only a little bit of the information changing?  We can help!  We’re excited to announce that we have just launched support for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets!  You can easily generate spreadsheets that use calculations, charts, and pictures.  You can even export them to a PDF.

Below we’re going to show you how to setup a quick spreadsheet that is a proposal for customer acquisition that would be sent to a prospective client.  To start, we’re going to put in a little information about the customer, then we will enter some basic calculation parameters (current customers, growth rate, etc) and then our spreadsheet will calculate growth over the next year and even provide us with a nice chart at the bottom.

Note: To add merge fields to your spreadsheet, use the format: {$initial_users} or {$InitialUsers}  (no special characters, punctuation or spaces)

Once we’ve got our spreadsheet all setup, we going to do a quick test and make sure everything is working correctly.  We’ll just enter some basic information that is easy to double check the calculations.

As you can see, we’ve exported the spreadsheet to a PDF so that it is clean and professional looking when we send it off to our prospective client.  As you can see, the values in our calculations automatically calculated and the graph was updated accordingly.

Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?  We’re looking forward to seeing how you can use WebMerge to automate your excel spreadsheets.  What are a few ways that you can take advantage of this new feature?

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  • Avatar
    Daniel Yeoman

    Can we restrict portions of pages or tabs from being converted into a PDF?

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Clarke

    Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately, no - if you choose to export to PDF, then it will export all the worksheets that have data on them

  • Avatar
    Alex Melzer

    For us it has worked to hide the tabs/worksheets in the excel file that we didn't want to print/merge. Also, changing the print setup of the file had an effect on the output, so you should be able to limit the output by limiting the printable area in the worksheets.

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Clarke

    Gregor - thanks for the suggestion!

  • Avatar
    James Lancaster-Peat

    Jeremy is it possible to merge a table in excel? Because the tablerow property won't work.

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Clarke

    Hi James,

    We now support {tablerow} loops in Excel documents!

    Edited by Jeremy Clarke
  • Avatar
    Bran Kop

    Is it possible to run Excel download macro to download text files from various web sites based on the latest timestamp, process them, convert to pdf and upload to the respective web sites?

  • Avatar
    Jeremy Clarke

    Hi Bran,

    Unfortunately, we do not allow macros to be run, but we might be able to come up with another solution. Please create a support ticket and describe in detail what you're wanting to do.


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