Use Remote SMTP Server for Email Deliveries

**Note: You can now setup an account-wide default SMTP server under Account > My Profile.

When you are sending email notifications from an email address that is not, you run the risk of being blocked by email service providers due to potential SPAM.  This is not a wide spread issue, but we’ve had a few people notice emails being blocked.  To help alleviate this problem, we now allow you to define a remote SMTP server to use to send your email notifications. 

The process is fairly straight forward and you only need a few pieces of information.  You will need the Host (the domain of the server), the Port number (usually 25 or 465 for SSL), and your email/password for the email account.  Simply enter this information in the email notification box (located under the More Options section) and you’re all set!

For those of you who use Google Email (Gmail, Google Business, etc), here are the common settings you will want to use:

Host: ssl://

Port: 465

Email/Password: Your full email address and password

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