Email deliveries are the easiest way to receive your merge documents.  Below you will find information on each piece of the email delivery and how you can customize to fit your needs.

Here is a screenshot of a new Email Delivery that we'll use to show you the different features



To & From

These fields will be used to determine who to send the email to and from. You can either choose to send it to one of the fields in your document or you can send to a specific email address.  If you would like to send to multiple email addresses (fields in your document), then you can type those into the Specific Email box as well - separated by a comma.  Example: "{$Email1}, {$Email2}".


This is the subject of your email and can contain fields from your document by entering the fields into the box.  Example: "{$Name} has sent you a document"


This will be the contents of the email.  You will notice an easy "Insert Fields" dropdown below the message box that you can use to insert fields to be merged in your message.

[More Options]

Underneath this section/link, we have some advanced options that you can use.

  • Always send this email - Uncheck this box to add conditions when to send the email
  • BCC - Use this to blind carbon copy more email address on the email
  • Include a Read Receipt - Use this to be notified when the email is read
  • Use custom mail server - Use this option to use your own mail server to send out the email
  • Security - Use this option if you are sending sensitive information.  You have a few options, and they are outlined below:

    • Low - This option is basic data encryption without any password needed
    • Medium - This places a password on the document that must be entered to opened. (Available for PDF only)
    • High - This option requires the document be downloaded (after entering the password) from our website.  No document is sent via email
  • Password
    • The password field will only show up when you select Medium or High security options.  This is the password that will be used to open the document (medium security) or download the document (high security).


IP Addresses

Formstack Documents currently sends emails from these IP addresses:



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  • Hi Jeremy!

    I have a real quick question. How do I add more than one(1) email ids to Cc options. So far I only have added one Cc and one Bc and its working fine, but I would like to add more to Cc options. Appreciate your guidance here!


  • Hi Khushboo,

    Simply add them as a comma-separated list and that should do the trick :)

    Like this:,

  • Hey Jeremy!
    Yep. I tried that way and it worked!
    I guess we have had a telepathy :) haha Thanks a lot!


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