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For those of you who have been using our Data Routing feature, we have a feature that allows you to combine the PDF/DOCX documents that have been created using routing rules.  This feature can still send the individual documents via the document deliveries, but also send the combined document via your Data Route deliveries.


It is pretty easy to get this all set up – you only have to do two things.  The first is indicating which documents in your Data Route that you want to include in this combined document.  For each of your rules (where you define to which documents to send data), you will see a checkbox labeled “Included in combined PDF” (or DOCX) – you will need to check this box.  For this functionality, even though we're pulling data from document templates, we'll still select those templates under "Send data to Document". 

It's important to note that any rules wherein the "Include in combined PDF" checkbox is not selected, those documents will not be combined and instead delivered separately upon the merge.


The second and final step is setting up the delivery for your combined documents.  Just as you would for your individual document deliveries, you'll want to head over to the Delivery tab.  In this example, I've already set up an email delivery, as shown below. 


Now that we've shown you how to set this up, how can you leverage this powerful tool to take your business to the next level using Formstack Documents?



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  • Belinda, if you have set up individual deliveries for each document then you will continue to receive the individual emails. Using the Data Routing tool you want to delete the individual delivery methods and use the single Data Route end point. Then you will only get one email with all 11 documents. Hope that helps

  • I am using a Formstack integration and while I have the data route delivery settings emailing both files merged successfully as separate attachments, the browser returns only 1 file. I do have "include in combined PDF" checked for both of the routing rules. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi Linda,

    You have everything setup correctly, but you have added a password to your individual files, so we're not able to combine the files. Please remove that password from the individual documents (under the Settings tab) and it should fix the issue!


  • Once you set up the Data route for combining pdfs into one, does it auto deliver via email if thats what delivery is set for once all the rules have been met?

  • Hi Clay,

    Yes, that's correct - if you setup an email delivery on the Data Route, it will send the combined file. But it will also send the deliveries on the Document level too (if they exist)

  • Help! I think I'm missing something obvious. I'm trying to create a conditional "packet" of documents, some of which always are included and some of which aren't. I have a proof of concept set up with three documents; all three are simple templates created within Webmerge designed to export as PDFs. I have a route set up to pull two docs, and have a simple conditional on one. (If you're looking at our account, this is all Laura Test stuff). I have a delivery, to send to Stash. All this setup seems straightforward, but I can't figure out how to get an actual PDF document out of the merge URL. We've been calling WebMerge from Drupal, and that functionality returns a file that isn't a valid PDF file format. When I try to manually enter the data in the simple Webmerge form, the data goes in but it doesn't offer a document.

    What am I missing?

  • Hi Diana,

    If you're calling this from Drupal using the Data Route's Merge URL, you need to add the "download=1" parameter to tell our system that you want to download the file. Example:

    That will return the PDF in the response!

  • Thanks so much-- we have this working! In fact it was the "route" rather than "merge" in the URL that tripped us up-- didn't look at that URL closely enough. I really appreciate your speedy reply.

  • Ah, but our developer asks: is there a secret URL that could do either a merge or a route? Or do we definitely need to distinguish?

  • You need to distinguish because they are 2 different things. /merge is for documents and /route is for data routes :)

  • Is it possible to create two different combined documents? I have a JSON array I am looping through in my data route. Each object in the array has a boolean that I would like to use to split up the documents generated into two combined documents. All of the true objects get merged into a single combined PDF, and all of the false objects get merged into a different combined PDF. How could I go about doing this?

  • Unfortunately, I think the only option would be to create a 2nd data route for all of your false documents, then in your data route for the true objects, you'd add a rule at the end for <> and enter your false data route's Merge URL.

    So when you merge the data route, it will generate all the docs for true, then merge the data route for all the false documents (which you can choose to combine)

  • I need to have one fomrstack form populate a word doc and a fillable pdf. Can the data route perform this and combine it into one combined pdf for delivery. It looks like it sends the individual form as well as the combined. I basically only want the combined as I am sending it for delivery via an electronic signature provider

  • Hello Brian,
    Thank you for reaching out!
    You can combine the Word document and fillable PDF into one PDF file to deliver using Data Routing. However, the Word document will be converted into a PDF format. If this is acceptable to you, then this method will work for you! Please reach out if you need anything else!

  • Thanks, the final combined for delivery being a pdf is perfect. My concern was i do not want the individual documents delivered in addition to the combined document. I read somewhere that the delivery method for the individual documents is still executed meaning they would get the two documents individually based on delivery method as well as the combined document. On the individual documents, can we just excluded a delivery method so that the only document delivered is determined by the data routing set up?

  • Hello Brian,

    Your easiest option will be to just delete your individual document deliveries and just keep your Data Route delivery only.

    If you want to sometimes send the Data Route, you have different options... You can use conditional logic within your Data Routing to merge the combined document when you want it to:
    Or you can set up Conditional Deliveries with your delivery method to only deliver the Data Routing:
    Please reach out if you need more assistance!


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