Combine Multiple PDF Documents

For those of you have been using our Data Routing feature, we have launched a new feature that allows you to combine the PDF documents that have been created from your routing rules.  This feature will still send the individual PDF documents in your notifications, and we will return the combined PDFs in 1 file to the browser stream.

It is pretty easy to get this all setup – you only have to do 2 things.  The first is indicating which documents in your Data Route that you want to include in this combined PDF.  For each of your rules (where you define which documents to send data to) you will see a checkbox labeled “Included in combined PDF” – you will need to check this box.

To activate this feature on your Data Routing calls, you need to add an optional parameter (download=1) to the URL.  For example:

The download=1 flag (like in the Merge URL) indicates that you want the PDF returned/downloaded to the browser stream.  For those of you using the Formstack integration, you will notice that there is now an option to immediately redirect the user to the PDF when you are using a Data Route.

We are pretty excited about this feature – it opens a lot of doors for creating some really nice work flows for your business.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

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    Darius Grimes

    Belinda, if you have set up individual deliveries for each document then you will continue to receive the individual emails. Using the Data Routing tool you want to delete the individual delivery methods and use the single Data Route end point. Then you will only get one email with all 11 documents. Hope that helps

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    Linda LaFlamme

    I am using a Formstack integration and while I have the data route delivery settings emailing both files merged successfully as separate attachments, the browser returns only 1 file. I do have "include in combined PDF" checked for both of the routing rules. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Jeremy Clarke

    Hi Linda,

    You have everything setup correctly, but you have added a password to your individual files, so we're not able to combine the files. Please remove that password from the individual documents (under the Settings tab) and it should fix the issue!


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