Customize User Profile Permissions

If you're using custom user profiles in Salesforce, you'll need to make sure to give your users access to the objects that are in the Formstack Documents managed package as well as Visualforce pages.

To update the permissions, go to Setup > Users > Profiles and then click the link under Profile next to the profile that you would like to update.

Scroll down to the Custom Object Permissions section in the settings and you'll need to give the profile Read, Create, Edit, and View All access for the following objects:

  • Field Mappings
  • Formstack Documents
  • Formstack Mappings
  • Formstack Mapping Criteria
  • Formstack Mapping Filter

 Here's a screenshot of what your settings should look like:



Visualforce Pages

If you've created any new custom Visualforce pages, or you didn't grant access to All Users when you installed Formstack Documents, you'll need to give access to those VF pages under Setup >Visualforce Pages > Security.


NOTE: A full Salesforce license is required to be able to fully use and set up the Formstack Documents integration as shown above.



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  • These instructions seem to imply that all users must be granted edit access to what I would consider administrative functions such as Webmerge mappings. Is that the case?

    I would like to grant users access to use Webmerge but not configure it. Perhaps I am misunderstanding this article. Please advise.

  • Hi Steven,

    You only need to give them "Read" access to the objects. You can also hide the WebMerge tabs from your interface so they won't have access to those pages :)


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