Zoho CRM

Saving your documents back into Zoho CRM is an easy process. Under the Deliver tab of your document, click New Delivery then select Zoho CRM from the list.

The first step is to create your Auth Token so that Formstack Documents can communicate with your Zoho CRM account.  Click here to create your Auth Token then copy & paste into your Zoho CRM delivery settings.

Next, we're going to choose the Module we want to upload the document to.  For this example, we're going to choose Potentials.

And the final step is to enter the Record ID of the item in Zoho.  You can use a merge field in this box that connects up with the actual Record ID, or you can do a search by entering the name of the field, then a "|" (pipe) then the merge field, like this:

Potential Name|{$DealName}

Formstack Documents will detect the "|" and search for that record based on the value of the merge field.  Here's a list of the Zoho CRM field names.

Put that all together and here's what our Zoho CRM delivery settings look like:


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