Deploy Mappings from Sandbox to Production

While we don't have an automated way to deploy mappings from a Sandbox to Production org, we have made the process a bit easier to import the field mappings (the most time-consuming part).  Here are the steps for moving a Formstack Mapping from Sandbox to Production:

  1. Inside your Sandbox, open up your Mapping settings (Edit Mapping page)
  2. Under the Field Mapping section, you'll see links for Import and Export.  Click the Export link.
  3. Copy the JSON code in the export box
  4. Inside Production, create a new Formstack Mapping
  5. Select the same WebMerge Resource and Salesforce Object and click Next
  6. On the next page, look under the Field Mapping section and you will see links for Import. 
  7. Paste the JSON from step #3 above.
  8. Click Save :)


Note: This import/export functionality was released in version 1.230 - you may need to upgrade your package

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