Merge Documents from Salesforce Reports

In the WebMerge Managed Package (versions 1.238+), we have a built-in Visualforce page that will allow a user to populate documents with data from Salesforce Reports. To activate this page, we suggest you create a new Tab:

  1. Under Setup > Create > Tabs, create a New Tab.
  2. For the page, select WebMergeReport
  3. Enter a name for your Tab and save.





 Once you have setup your Tab and activated it for your users, it will be available to merge.  Simply click on the new tab, then you'll see a page like this where you need to pick the report and the document/data route you want to merge:



When the data is sent over to WebMerge, each row in the report will be sent over using "_rows" as the name of the merge field. You can then loop through the data in your document like you would a Child Relationship:

For example, to loop through all the data in your document, you can do something like this:

Opportunity Status Amount
{tablerow from=$_rows item=_row}{$_row.NAME} {$_row.STATUS} {$_row.AMOUNT|number_format:2}

We also suggest using Debug Mode to see the field names coming over from the report.

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