Update File / Folder Permissions

Every file and folder in Stash can have customized user permissions based on 4 different levels:

  • Full - add / delete
  • Write - update name, description, tags, etc
  • Read Only - view and download
  • None - no access

To add permissions to a file or folder, from the Files dashboard, hover over the file and you'll see an options box on the right side of the page.  Click on that and select Permissions from the dropdown.

This will open up a popup with all your users listed and allow you to customize the permissions for each user. 


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  • Hi Jeremy, with Edit/Upload for folder sharing, what functionality does this permission provide external collaborators with? My question is specifically around editable PDF's that are sent to stash. Can they be edited online and saved (with this permission setting) with master admin then being able to download the updated versions from Stash?


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