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Formstack Documents has now set up delivery integration with Zoho Sign, an electronic signature service. You will need a separate account with Zoho/ Zoho sign in order to take advantage of this service. 

First, let's start with our template inside of Formstack Documents. We have a sample contract below:


Within your template, make sure it contains text tags that Zoho Sign will recognize.

It is important to note that text tags still require to be inside of the following: {literal} {/literal}

For more information about text tags, please refer to this Zoho Sign article: Zoho Sign Auto Place Text Tags.


Here is a summary about the text tags format that is used in Zoho Sign: 

Text tags supported for these fields: Signature, company, email, text fields, job title, initial, date, checkbox, and full name. 

{{Signature}}  A signature field added to the first recipient
{{Company:Recipient2}} A company field added to the second recipient
{{Textfield:Recipient3:Address}} A text field added to the third recipient with the field name address
{{Textfield:Recipient1*}} A mandatory text field added to first recipient
{{Jobtitle}} A job title added to the first recipient
{{Initial}} An initial field added to the first recipient
{{Signdate}} A date field added to the first recipient
{{Checkbox}} A checkbox field added to the first recipient
{{Fullname}} A full name field added to the first recipient
{{Customdate:Recipient1}} A custom date field added to the first recipient

Format: {{<field type>:recipient<n>:<field name in case of text field>*}}


  • If the recipient number is not mentioned in the document, it will be assigned to the first recipient by default. 
  • If you would like to assign a signature field to a subsequent recipient in the signing process, you can change the format of the tag to {literal}{{Signature:Recipient2}}{/literal}
  • You can mark text fields and checkboxes as mandatory fields using "*".


After we have completed our template, we can upload it into Formstack Documents.

We can set up our new delivery to Zoho Sign under the Deliver tab. Select the New Delivery button.

The Zoho Sign integration is under the E-Signature category of Deliveries, as shown below:


You will then be asked to Login to Zoho Sign:


Click the "Accept" button you allow Formstack Documents to access data in your Zoho account.

The next pop-up box will be where we will finish setting up our Zoho Sign delivery. The pop-up box will look like the screenshot below. The Sender field will be prepopulated with your Zoho Sign account email. You can change the Sender by selecting "Use Different Account." 


We will enter the Request Name/ Subject. Under the "Signee", we will select the correct merge field for the Name and the Email. We can add additional Signees but selecting the blue "+" sign. 

We can select the "More Options" button to access more options for this Delivery. 


Under "More Options", we can "Always send to zohosign", "Customize email message to signer", "Set expiration", "Send reminder emails", "Delay this delivery", and/or "If an error occurs send an email to". 

Once we have selected our options, we can select "Save Delivery." 

Congrats, you are all done! You can now automatically populate all types of documents using Formstack Documents and collect signatures using Zoho Sign. 


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