Salesforce - Setting up as a Delivery

Formstack Documents does have a comprehensive Salesforce app that sets up data integration and delivery of your Formstack Documents.

However, there are some benefits to using a Delivery inside of Formstack Documents to integrate with Salesforce instead. 

These benefits include:

  • If you want this particular Formstack Documents delivered to a different section inside of Salesforce than the section where your other Formstack Documents are integrated (inside the Salesforce app).
  • If you want to update a large number of record files inside of Salesforce. 


We can start setting up the Salesforce Delivery by selecting the Deliver tab in the Formstack Documents document or Data Route. Select the New Delivery button. Our list of Delivery services will appear like the screenshot below:


Under the "All" section, scroll down to find Salesforce, as seen in the screenshot below:


Select the "Salesforce" icon. A pop-up box will have you log into your Salesforce account. You can select the white down- arrow to choose whether to log into your "Production" or "Sandbox" environment in Salesforce. 


The next pop-up box will give us options for setting up our Salesforce delivery. 


For Account, you Salesforce login will be auto-filled. You can select "Use Different Account" in order to change which Salesforce account will be used for the delivery.

Under Record ID, you can input the Merge Fields for the Record ID and Object Name (API). The Object Name (API) could be an Object such as Account, CustomObject_c, etc.

If you are not sure which Merge Fields to use for the Record ID and Object Name (API), you can select the "Search" radio button. The display will change slightly as shown below: 


The "Search" function can help you find the Record ID that you are looking for. You can search using the Object Name (API), API Field Name, and/or Search for the Value.

Once you have entered your Record ID information, you can select whether to Save the File in either Attachment or Files. You can enter a Description for the Salesforce document delivery.

You can select the "More Options" button to view the additional options for the Delivery setup. 


Here are the additional options available:

  • Always send to Salesforce
  • Customize file Owner:


You can use this option to input a Merge Field to Customize the File Owner.

  • Update record fields - this is a major reason that customers choose to use a Salesforce delivery instead of using the Salesforce app. This option allows you to update multiple record files at once.


In order to update the record files, you will have to use a JSON format (example, {"API_Field_Name":"Value"})

  • Delay this Delivery
  • After document is delivered, send callback to: enter the URL where you want the callback sent to (as seen in the screenshot below):
  • If an error occurs, send an email to: You can change which email address messages go to if an error occurs (by default, it will go to the email account associated with the Salesforce account). This is shown in the screenshot below: 


Once you have set up all your options, select the "Save Delivery" button.

Congrats! You have now completed your setup of your Salesforce Delivery!


Note: Formstack Documents also has a Salesforce app in the app exchange that will help you set up your Document deliveries. 


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  • How is setting up a delivery on a Data Route (to attach the file to salesforce & update fields on the record) different than checking the box in "Formstack Mapping" in the salesforce¬† app to attach the file to the record?

    Using the app checkbox with a data route & report merge doesn't seem to work and you don't get a salesforce record "Formstack Document" about the merge that you can fire record changes off of.

    But using the data route, you can't set today's date in a field with JSON *And* it costs one more merge. We were told with the salesforce app we'd get a record attachment for free with a merge. Is that not true when using the report merge? Documentation is severely lacking for that report merge, its setup, and managing things like this.



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