Amazon Web Services S3

Setting Up the Delivery


With AWS S3, you can store all of your merges securely in the cloud.  Setting this up is pretty easy, so let's dive right in.

First, you'll need to select the document for which you wish to integrate the S3 delivery.  Just click on the document you wish to use.  Once there, click on the Deliver tab.

Next, you'll want to click on the New Delivery Button to the right.

Now you can search for AWS S3 under Doc Storage.  Click on the S3 icon.


mceclip8.pngInput the API Key.  Hopefully, you have this stored in a secure location and can access it easily.  If not, follow these instructions for replacing a lost key.

mceclip9.pngNext, you'll need to input the API Secret.

mceclip10.pngNow you can input the S3 Region.

mceclip11.pngOnce you've completed these steps, hit the Refresh button to pull up a list of available Buckets.

mceclip12.pngSelect the bucket you wish to use by using the dropdown menu.

mceclip13.pngNext, you can input the folder path you wish to use within the bucket itself.  In this example, the folder is titled Merges, so we'll input /Merges.

mceclip15.pngAt this point, you can save the delivery and test the integration by performing a test merge.

However, you can add some additional functionality if you'd like by clicking the +More Options button.

Additional Delivery Options


mceclip0.pngThe Always send to S3 checkbox will send a delivery to S3 even if there is conditional logic built into your form or data route.

mceclip2.pngThe Customize extra options/settings allows you to augment your delivery, such as with a message, using JSON for PUT Object operation.

mceclip5.pngDelay this delivery allows you to delay the delivery by a max of 30 days.

mceclip6.pngAfter document is delivered, send callback to: allows you to specify a location to which a callback will be sent post-delivery via webhook.

mceclip7.pngIf an error occurs, send an email to:  allows you to specify an email address to which error messages are sent.  By default, the email address is sent to whichever email address is registered as the Formstack Documents account administrator.

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