Formstack and Documents Billing

Effective 10/01/2019, we will be updating our Billing System to create a streamlined experience for all our users across all our product platforms.


How does this affect you?

  • If you only have a Documents account
    •  Credit card charges will display as making a payment to Formstack, LLC
    • Payment confirmation emails will now come from
    • You will still see your invoices under your My Billing profile in Formstack Documents
  • If you have both a Formstack and Documents account
    • You will now see charges for both accounts in one invoice
    • Your Formstack Documents merge reset dates will not change
  • If I'm still thinking about signing up for an account
    • When you sign up for a trial, you will receive a welcome email and verify account emails from Documents and/or Formstack
    • Payment confirmation emails will come from Formstack, as shown below



How your invoice will look like in your Formstack Documents account


 How your invoice will look like in your Formstack account


 How the new pdf copy of your invoice will look like



Do I need to anything to prepare for this change?

  • No. The change will happen in the backend and will not affect any activity currently taking place in your account.


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