Using the Product Switcher

Using the Product Switcher

The Product Switcher provides users with multiple product access the ability to quickly move between Formstack products as well as access to the Admin Panel to manage users and account-wide security settings.



The Switcher is the square icon located in the top right corner of Forms, Documents, Sign, and Sync.


Accessing Your Products

Click on the Product Switcher Icon to view a list of Products. The apps your user has access to are located at the top of the list under ‘Your Products’. Clicking on the name of the product will take you directly to it without requiring you to log in.

Exploring Products

Below the list of your Products is a list of Formstack Products you don’t currently pay for or have access to. Clicking on the name of the product will take you to a page within the Admin Panel to learn more about the product.


If you are a Platform Admin, you can access the Admin Panel from the Product Switcher from the Product Switcher by selecting ‘Administration’ from the list.

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