Accessing the Formstack Admin Panel

Accessing the Formstack Admin Panel


Users can access the Admin Panel a few different ways - the Product Switcher, the Product Profile Menu, and directly via the URL.

Product Switcher Access (Platform Admin Only)

To access the Admin Panel from the Product Switcher, click on the icon on the top right corner of the product header and select ‘Administration’.


Profile Menu Access

Access specific pages of the Admin Panel directly by clicking on your name in the product header and selecting the page you’d like to visit. You can access your profile, account settings (Platform Admin only), security settings (Platform Admin only), and user management page (Platform Admin only) from the Profile Menu.


                                         Basic User                                                   Platform Admin User


Direct URL Access

To access the Admin Panel without logging into a specific product, point your browser to You will need to login with your Formstack ID.

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