Adding Participant Users

Adding Participant Users in the Admin Panel


Platform Admins can add Participant Users to their account in a few, easy steps. These users can only participate in Workflows and cannot view forms on the account.


First, navigate to the Administration Site >  User Management.


On the User Management page, click ‘Add Users’. (Note: At this time, users can only be added one at a time).


On the following modal, enter the email address of the user, assign the platform role (Basic or Admin), and under Product Access choose ‘Formstack’. Then, click ‘Add User’.


Changing an Existing User to a Participant


On the User Management page, find the user you’d like to change and click on their avatar to edit the user.


Next, under Product Access, select ‘Formstack Participant’ and click ‘Save Changes’


View Participant User Usage


To view your account’s Participant User usage stats, navigate back to Formstack and click on the Account Usage page.

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