Formstack Sign and Salesforce - Setting up as a Delivery

Formstack Documents has the ability to integrate your Formstack Sign and Salesforce accounts. This gives you the ability to deliver a signed document directly into Salesforce. 

In order to set this up, you need both a Formstack Sign and Salesforce Account. For instructions on setting up a Sign compatible template, please click Here.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to:
  • Setup your Formstack Documents to Salesforce delivery - which will define where the saved document is saved & which records update as a result.  You will set this up as a 'delayed delivery' such that the file saves back upon signature
  • Setup your Formstack Documents to Formstack Sign delivery - which is what will route the document for signature 

Once you've set up your document to be compatible with your Sign account, you will set up the delivery for Sign and Salesforce. 


Setting up your Delivery for Salesforce


Let's connect to Salesforce by clicking on New Delivery and then choosing Salesforce from the list of possible options.(You can narrow down the list by clicking on CRM if you'd like). 




If this is the first time logging into your Salesforce account from Formstack Documents, a pop-up box will prompt you to log into your Salesforce account. You can select the white down- arrow to choose whether to log into your "Production" or "Sandbox" environment.

Once logged in, you can input the Merge Fields for the Record ID and Object Name (API). The Object Name (API) could be a standard Object, such as Account, or a Custom Object you’ve created.

If you are not sure which Merge Fields to use for the Record ID and Object Name (API), you can select the "Search" radio button. 

The "Search" function can help you find the Record ID that you are looking for. You can search using the Object Name (API), API Field Name, and/or Search for the Value.

Once you have entered your Record ID information, you can select whether to Save the File in either Attachment or Files and You can enter a Description for the Salesforce document delivery.




You can select the "More Options" button to view the additional options for the Delivery setup. 



Some of the additional options include:

  • Always send to Salesforce
  • Customize file Owner(You can use this option to input a Merge Field to Customize the File Owner.):



  • Update record fields - This option allows you to update multiple record files at once.(Please note that In order to update the record files, you will have to use a JSON format (example, {"API_Field_Name":"Value"})





 Setting up your Delivery for Formstack Sign


After you've saved your Salesforce delivery, you need to set up your Formstack Sign delivery by clicking on New Delivery and then choosing Formstack Sign from the list. 




 If this is your first time signing into Formstack Sign, you will be prompted to sign in with your credentials. 

Once signed in, you can enter the Subject line for our delivery, the Sender, and the Signee. We can even add additional participants with the + sign. 

In order to have the signed document sent to Salesforce, we want to click on More Options and then Delay other deliveries until signing complete and then Send to Salesforce.(Please note that the send to Salesforce delivery option will not appear unless you setup your Salesforce delivery first)




Once you have set up all your options, select the "Save Delivery" button.

Congrats! You have now completed your setup of your Salesforce and Formstack Sign Delivery!










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