Stash Sunset and Alternative File Storage

Important Dates

Starting Nov. 2 you will be unable to store new files in Stash. You may access existing files until Nov. 16. Following that date, any files stored in Stash will become unavailable. If you need to save these files, please review How to download your Stash files.

How to check if you’re using Stash

  1. Sign in to Stash using your Formstack login.
  2. At the top left, click All Files.
  3. If you see a blank screen, your Stash account does not contain any files.


How to download your Stash files

  1. Sign in to Stash using your Formstack login.
  2. At the top left, click All Files.
  3. To download an individual file to your computer, click on the name of your file, and select Download from either the drop-down box, or click the Download button on the top right.


4. When downloading files, you can select more than one from the file list to perform a bulk download. For bulk download, select all your files and click on Download at the top right.


5. Once you have ensured your files have downloaded correctly, you can go back and click Trash to delete them permanently.

What other file storage options are available?

We recommend the following file storage providers for their HIPAA compliant options as well their ability to integrate with Forms and Documents. 

For a full list of document storage options, navigate to the main Formstack Integrations page and select your Formstack products on the left. 



Stash was my go-between for images between Forms and Documents. Should I purchase 3rd party storage now? 

No. Our HIPAA compliant Forms + Documents integration lets you collect signatures on your form and send them to Documents without the need for third party file storage. Click on these links to learn more about the integration.   

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