markdown2html Field Modifier: A Closer Look

The markdown2html field modifier can be used in your document template's field map to render small strings of Markdown text as HTML: 


Specifically, this modifier was designed to handle the following formatting styles from Markdown:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Headings (when used with the html2office field modifier)
  • Links (when used with the html2office field modifier)


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  • I have a template which has repeating paragraphs based on lists in Gravity Forms. The wording in my template looks like this:

    {foreach from=$otherproperties item=_otherproperties}

    {$_otherproperties[“Street number and name”]}. Search for a “licenced valuer” and jointly instruct them to conduct an independent property valuation.

    $____________________             obtained _____/_____ / 20___


    I need the value in "Street name and number" in the merged document to be bold. I have added the {$MyMarkdown|markdown2html} string within my template and within the field map, as suggested above, and added the markdown commands for making text bold - namely putting ** each side of the text required to be bold - but no matter where or how I insert the double **, I can't get the text to convert to bold.

    Any pointers?


  • Hi, Dash!

    I think the issue might be due to what you have in the field mapping.  The $MyMarkdown merge field name is an example that is used in the image.  This should be replaced with the merge field you are trying to apply the markdown modifier to.

    Additionally, you might try using the modifier inline so that {$_otherproperties[“Street number and name”]} reads {$_otherproperties[“Street number and name”]|markdown2html}.

    Ultimately, it might be best to reach out to our support team ( so that one of our team members can take a closer look at your specific example.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks, Jens.

    I'll give that a go.


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