"Sample" Watermark Is Present

Below is a list of reasons why you might see a "SAMPLE" watermark on your merged document:

  • Your monthly merge count allotment has been exceeded (and auto-upgrade is not enabled on your account)
  • Your document template is in "Test Mode" instead of "Active"
  • Your account is still in "trial" status
  • Check to see if the merge is being initiated via the Test URL instead of the "live" URL (the Test URL can be found on the "Merge" tab of your document template in your Documents portal)

If you are integrating with Salesforce, there is an additional place to check:

  • On your Mapping, check to see if the "Test Mode" check box is enabled - if so, uncheck so that Salesforce will send a live merge

In some cases, one of the above may be caused because payment information is out of date (e.g., credit card number changed, preventing payment from processing, which in turn means that the monthly merge count doesn't reset). If all of the above looks good or if you know or suspect that payment information has changed, please double-check that this information is correct. If you need assistance, the Billing team is available to help update this information. 

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