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This article features the new Formstack Documents drag-and-drop builder. This feature is currently in beta testing and has not been deployed to all accounts

Getting Started with the Formstack Documents “New Editor”

Formstack Documents is an incredibly flexible way to generate professional, dynamic documents with data collected or housed in the systems you use every day. You can upload an existing template in the form of a fillable PDF or Microsoft Document or get started by building a document from scratch in our Documents builder.

We offer three ways to build your documents. For highly technical documents users, you can feel free to get as custom as you’d like in our Advanced Editor which allows you to use HTML to create and design your documents. If you’ve been a longtime Documents user, you may be familiar with our “Classic Editor” which uses formatted merge fields like {$name} to capture information.


But, if you’re a fan of no-code software, you’ll probably like our “New Editor” best. Our New Editor incorporates Formstack’s iconic drag-and-drop functionality to allow you to quickly and easily build the documents you need. In this document, we’ll walk you through how it works.


Step 1: Create Your Document

Begin as you normally would by selecting New Document and giving your document a title.  Choose “I would like to build my document from scratch.”



Step 2: Switch to the New Editor[a]

While the new document’s builder is in beta testing, you can switch to the New Editor by selecting the Switch to New Editor button. After November 29th, the New Editor will be the default editor in all accounts. Users will be able to switch back to the Classic Editor with a similar button.


Step 3: Drag-and-Drop Fields onto Your Document

Use the Insert dropdown to add a list of fields you will need on your form. Select the Insert drop down and choose Merge Fields. Give each merge field a name.


Once you’ve added the merge fields that you need in your document. You can use the section of existing merge fields on the right hand side of your document to repeatedly add fields to your document as needed.


Step 4: Add Modifiers to Your Merge Fields

Formstack Documents allows users to add modifiers to their merge fields as a way to format the data that is sent to their document. For example, if you have created a document that includes numeric merge fields, but the data comes through without the pretty, formatted numbers that include commas to separate the thousands, you can use modifiers to fix that!


You can add a modifier to your merge field by selecting the field in your document and choosing a modifier from the library or set up a custom modifier.


Want to add custom modifiers to your document? Check out this help article to learn more how you can set them up!

Step 5: Add Images and Logos to Your Document


Use the Image icon to upload any images or logos you’d like to add to your document.


You can easily format your image to change the alignment, add a caption, resize, or add a shadow or border.



Our updated Formstack Documents builder is quicker and easier to use so you start automating your most important workflows!

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