how to create a word document which automatically gets saved at dropbox

Hi Jeremy, Hi Anyone on this forum,

@Jeremy: Thank you for your good work, an side. What I made off-line; you made on-line. And I'm investigating the possibilities of putting 'my business' more and more online; automated. So webmerge looks like a very good candidate.


While testing, I ran into a problem.

I've set-up a word document, with the appropriate mergefields. Everything works well; manually.

When testing the automated merges with the appropriate 'merge url' (https://www.webmerge.me/merge/..../....)I get a webpage on which I have to manually confirm the send field data with a button: 'merge document'

This is the step I don't want. When I 'call the url with the appropriate name/value pairs I want the webhook to automatically merge the document (and save it to dropbox)

How can I get result?


Thank you for your time and help upfront 



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