Newby Needs Help with POST

I successfully implemented Webmerge with my Unbounce landing pages using Zapier which sends an email with a quote to a lead.  What I need to do now it to use Joomla RsForms to do a silent post such that a delivery is made via email.  I set up a new fillable PDF document with three simple fields named:




I entered in the silent post URL and the form data which is being sent looks this way, decoded.  RsForms formats the URL string with square brackets around the field name. 


My hosting company has an issue with CURL not being compiled with SSL support.  Once they get this corrected does it appear that this POST will function?  Can I test without SSL, just with http in the URL until the host gets the issue corrected?   Otherwise I will write up a simple CURL script to do the job which should be easy with only three fields and no real need to loop for fields.  Or I could use the old CURL script everyone uses for silent POST. 

Thanks everyone.  


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