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We have a feature called the "Field Map" that allows you to map incoming data to your document fields or modify the data values before being merged into your document. 

To turn on the Field Map, go into the Settings page for your document, you will see an option for the Field Map under "Advanced Settings".  By checking this option and saving, you'll see a new Field Map tab. 

On this page we will list out all of the fields on your document and all you need to do is type in the variable names (which will come from your external data source) that correspond with your document fields.


This feature is very useful in 2 ways:

The first is for fillable PDF documents that generally have an unusual naming scheme in their field names.  If you use a Webhook that doesn’t allow you to customize the variable names which are used, you would be out of luck as they would not map correctly to your PDF.  However, with the Field Map, you can simply take your fillable PDF fields and indicate what the variable names from your Webhook will be.

The other cool benefit from the Field Map is that it gives you the ability to use pretty names in your document regardless of how the data is being sent to WebMerge.  For example, if you are using a Webhook that uses Field ID’s for the variable names, it might get a little confusing when you are building your document.  So, simply use any naming scheme you want while building the document and you can map the fields easily to your Webhook.

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    Chameleon Support

    Is there anyway to export a sample field map?
    the reason i ask is because we have a excel sheet that i want to merge data with,

    the only trouble is that there is alot of fields i need to map, 50 questions per User and a Maximum of 50 users.

    so quite a few is there anyway to speed this up?

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    Jeremy Clarke

    Hello! Yes, if you enter 1 value in the Field Map and save, you'll see an Export button. You can then use that text file (JSON) to create the rest of the field map, then import back into WebMerge.

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    Brian Hage

    Is there a way to clean up the field map from unused variables? I have updated my document a few times and now my field map is overwhelming with old variables, etc. I want to clean this up. Thank you!

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    Jeremy Clarke

    Hi Brian,

    The field map should only be pulling in fields that are being used in your document or deliveries. However, sometimes with fillable PDFs it keeps the old fields in the metadata unless you "extract" the pdf pages into a new PDF (we recommend Nitro PDF to extract the page).

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