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Have you ever wanted to create a contract, quote, invoice, or other type of document from your Oracle  Sales Cloud instance, but have always had to copy & paste the information into a template?  We’ve got good news!  With Formstack Documents, you’ll be able to generate all types of documents with a simple click of a button.

For this example we’re going to show you how to generate a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement from an Contact object in our Sales Cloud.  Our first step is to setup the template in Formstack Documents.  We’re going to use a Word document as our template and we’ll indicate where to put the contact data using merge tags like {$company_name} and {$company_address}.

Next, we’re going to setup a delivery with SignNow so that we can get our agreement signed by the account.  Under the Delivery tab, we will add a new Delivery Option and pick the SignNow option.  You’ll need to authorize Formstack Documents to be able to send documents into your SignNow account and then you’ll indicate the email address of the signer.

After you’ve got the SignNow delivery setup, you’re ready to integrate the agreement with your Oracle Sales Cloud instance.  We’re going to use an Action button setup on the Contact object and that button will send the account data to Formstack Documents.

Let’s login to our Oracle Sales Cloud instance and setup the button.  When inside your account, go to the Navigator, then click Tools > Customization and choose Application Composer.  In the regional area, choose the Common option and then pick your Contact object.  Next you’ll want to add a new action.  Give the button a name, choose Link type, and then we’re going to use Groovy Script expressions to define the URL of the link.

The URL for the button will be your document Merge URL (which you can get from the Publish tab inside your Formstack Documents account).  You will add your merge fields to the URL and add the data as well.  Your URL will look something like:

To add the data that is in the account record, you’ll create this URL using the Groovy Script and putting the variables in the URL.  This will look something like:

return "”+PersonFirstName+”&last_name=”+PersonLastName

If you want to automatically merge the document using data that is sent from Oracle (without needing to enter additional data), you can add “_use_get=1” to the URL.

Once we have the button created, we need to add it to our Contact page layout.  Still in the Application Composer, click the Pages link under the Contact section and pick the Edit Contact Additional Details Region page.  You will see your new button under the Available Fields box.  Go ahead and move that over to the Selected Felds box and this will add it to your details page.

Now that we have our button added to the page, we can go look at a specific contact and generate a test agreement.  When on the details page for a Contact record, you should see your new link.  Click that and a new window should open and your information should be auto-filled into the merge form.

That’s it!  You’re now ready to start generating your non-disclosure agreements from your Oracle Sales Cloud.  What are some other documents you can create from Oracle Sales Cloud?

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