With an ERP tool like Netsuite you can keep track of many aspects of your business and make sure your team is performing their best and focused on doing work faster. 

Another way you can improve your business processes is by using Formstack Documents to automatically populate document templates (contracts, quotes, letters, etc) with data from Netsuite.  You’ll never have to search for a template or copy & paste again.

In this example we’re going to show you how to automatically populate a quote when we add a new opportunity to Netsuite.  To help with the integration between Formstack Documents and Netsuite, we’re going to use our friends over at Workato.

To get started, we’re going to setup the template for our quote using a Word document.  Inside Word, we’re going to setup the repeating information in our quote like our logo, contact info, etc.  Then for the spots that we want to insert our customer/opportunity info, we’re going to use merge fields that look like {$OpportunityName}, {$Amount}, etc.

You can name these merge fields anything you’d like and we’ll connect them to the correct Netsuite fields using Workato.

Here’s what our quote template looks like:

Once you have your template ready, we need to upload it to Formstack Documents.  From the Documents page in Formstack Documents, click the New Document button and enter a name.  On the next step, select Office Document as the document type and then pick the file from your computer.

After you’ve uploaded your template, you’ll be taken to the Settings tab where you can modify various options like the type of file that is generated and the name of the file.  In this example, we’re going to produce a PDF document and include the name of the opportunity in the file name.

Next, we’re going to setup the delivery of our document so that is emailed directly to our customer for their review.  Under the Deliver tab, we’re going to edit the default email delivery.  For the “To” address, we’re going to use a merge field for our customer’s email address.

Feel free to edit any of the other email settings – you can use merge fields in any of those settings.

Once you have updated the email delivery, we are done with the setup process inside Formstack Documents, and we’re ready to setup the integration with Netsuite using Workato.

Inside Workato, we’re going to create a New Recipe.  For the trigger, we’re going to choose Netsuite as the app, then New Standard Object as the trigger.

Once you authenticate your Netsuite account, you’ll need to pick the standard object that you want to pull data from, so go ahead and pick the Opportunity object.

Next, we’re going to setup the action of our recipe.  Go ahead and choose Formstack Documents as the app then Merge Document as the action.

After you authenticate your Formstack Documents account, Workato is going to load a list of the documents in your account.  Go ahead and pick the template that you setup in Formstack Documents and Workato will load a list of the merge fields in your document.

For each merge field, you need to pick the corresponding field from Netsuite.  This tells Workato how to send data over to Formstack Documents so that it is populated in the correct spot on your template.

Once you have matched up all of your merge fields, go ahead and finish the recipe and then we’re ready for a test!  Login to Netsuite and add a new opportunity.  Workato will detect this new opportunity, send the data over to Formstack Documents, then your quote will be emailed out!

Here's what our test quote looked like:

Congrats, you’re all finished!  You can now automatically generate all kinds of document from Netsuite using Workato.  Can you think of any other ways you can use Formstack Documents to simplify your paperwork process?



Generate Docs via Email

This guide was written by a fellow Formstack Documents customer, Mark Petzold, and it highlights a new feature we have launched that allows you to merge documents from simply sending an email!  In this example, we’ll be creating a simple confirmation letter, but you could use this feature to generate contracts, agreements, quotes, and more from your NetSuite account.

This example will use NetSuite saved searches and email alerts to automatically send data from Netsuite to a Formstack Documents document.

Sample scenario: A welcome letter is created for every new customer and uploaded to a Google Drive folder for printing.

Formstack Documents Setup

Create a Formstack Documents document.  Add merge fields to the document that will be included in the NetSuite email alert results.


Choose the settings and delivery methods for your Formstack Documents document.  We’ll be sending this welcome letter via email to our customer and also saving it in Google Drive for our records.  Once you’ve saved the document, jump over the to Merge tab. Under the Integrate and Automate section, make note of the unique ID and Key at the end of the url of your new document.

Every Formstack Documents document is assigned a unique email address.  Email sent to the unique address will be parsed for relevant fields and processed according to the rules set up in WebMerge.

Just like each document has a unique Merge URL, you'll use the same ID and Key and send an email to - If the merge URL is then the email would be

NetSuite Setup

Create a contact record.

In NetSuite, create a contact record and enter the email address of your Formstack Documents document in the email field.  It is recommended that you name the record Documents - DocumentName (where DocumentName is the name of your WebMerge document). Save the record.  Note: Customers, employees, groups, partners, or vendor records can be used as an alternative to contact records.

Create a saved search.

Create a saved search which will output the field data for your Formstack Documents.  Use any criteria that will filter the desired  results.  In the example scenario, a customer search would include criteria that limit the results to customer records that have been created today.  Note: For more information on creating NetSuite saved searches please refer to NetSuite’s help documentation.

On the email tab of the saved search, select “SEND EMAIL ALERTS WHEN RECORDS ARE CREATED/UPDATED”.   Add the Formstack Documents contact created earlier to the Specific Recipient list.

In the email, each field must have it’s own line, and start with FieldName:

Under Customize Message, add the merge fields in the “SINGLE-RECORD RESULTS” box and ensure that “SEND WITHIN MESSAGE” is checked.  For the sample scenario Date, Address, and Name are added to match the fields in the Formstack Documents document.

Save the search.  Every time a new customer record is created an email will get sent to Formstack Documents and a document will be automatically formatted and created.

 - Mark Petzold

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