E-Signatures have become a valuable business tool to finalizing contracts, sales agreements, and other legal business documents.  We’ve had a number of customers request this feature within Formstack Documents, and we are excited about our new integration with RightSignature, a leader in e-signatures!  By using RightSignature for your e-signatures, they will handle the entire signature process and create the signature certificates which are appended to your documents.

It only takes a minute to setup a document to be sent to RightSignature.  This integration can be found under the Deliveries for your document, so head over to that page. From there, click the New Delivery button and select RightSignature from the tabs across the top.


Here, you will be given the option to select the RightSignature login methodology.  Those whose accounts are still using the Classic Login will select the Classic Login option, and those with the updated login using the Account name will select the Login with Account name from the dropdown.


In order for us to be able to send documents to your RightSignature account, you will need to give us access.  RightSignature uses OAuth to give 3rd party applications access to send documents for signature.  What this means is that we’ll redirect you to RightSignature, you’ll login and grant access to the Formstack Documents Application, then you’ll be redirected back to setup your Notification.  Those still using the Classic login will see the below modal:



Those using the Account name login will see the blow modal:


Once you have been redirected back to the Notification setup, you will have to give the document a subject (what the user will see in email from RightSignature), and indicate the name and email address of the signer.  Once you’ve completed that info, click Add RightSignature Notification button.


Now, let’s run a quick test and make sure everything is working correctly.  Run a test merge and then check your email.  You should receive an email from RightSignature indicating that you have been sent a new document to sign (if you can, use a different email address than the one you used to create the RightSignature account so you can see both sides of the coin).  From there, the process is handled by RightSignature and should walk you through signing the document.

If you are looking to embed the signatures directly in your PDF, you'll want to read this part.  RightSignature uses "Text Tags" to allow you to automatically embed the signatures in specific spots within your document.  Below is an example Text Tag for the signature of the 1st signer:

[                         s:a:r                      ]

In the above text tag, the "s" stands for signature, the "a" represents the 1st signer (use b for 2nd, c for 3rd, etc), and the "r" is for required (use "o" for optional).  The more space you use between the [  ] brackets, the larger the signature will be on the document.  For more information, check out https://www.globiflow.com/help/using-rightsignature-text-tags.php

Updating your RightSignature Account Authorization

For those of you whose RightSignature Accounts have already been updated to the Account name login process, you will need to delete your existing Delivery settings in order re-authorize your Formstack Documents account's access.  To do so, head over to Delivery Accounts and then click the Delete Button.



From here, you will need to set up a new delivery, as shown above, only now you will have a dropdown beneath the Sign in to RightSignature button.

You will need to select the Login with Account Name option to use the updated login methodology. 

This is a pretty cool feature and we look forward to seeing all the different ways it can be used by our customers.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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