Things you'll need

Connect your Accounts


Let's get your accounts connected!

  • From any Workspace or Shared Base, click on Blocks Icon
  • Click +Install A Block
  • Type Formstack Documents to find the Block
  • Click Install
  • Generate an API Key in Documents
  • Paste the API Key & Secret into the integration setup window
  • Click Save API Key button

A Little Bit of Prep Work

Let's get a document set up and ready for merging!

  • Select a record in your table (any record will do)
  • Select the template you want to set up for merging
  • Scroll down to see the list of fields and tags
    • The fields are your column names
    • Tags are generated automatically
  • Open your template and ensure that the tags in your template match those listed in the Block exactly.
    • Spelling and capitalization are important!
    • Special characters and spaces are automatically stripped
    • We recommend that you copy and paste the tags from the Block into your template
  • Upload/save your document template within Formstack Documents

For further reading on how to set up your Documents templates, check out these articles.

Do the Thing!


Hey, let's Merge!

  • Select your record(s)
  • Select your Document Template or Data Route
  • Select whether you want to add the merged document as an attachment
  • Specify the Column in which you want the merged document to attach
  • Specify whether you want the merged document to immediately open after created
    • Note that this does not work if  you are generating multiple documents at once
  • Click Create Document Button
  • The newly merged document will be delivered according to how you've set up your Deliveries within Documents, as well as populating the attachment column, if you made that selection

Some Notes:

If you're utilizing a rich text field in Airtable, you'll need to make a couple of changes to your Documents template so that it will populate correctly:

  • {$foo|markdown2html} will convert the markdown sent from Airtable to HTML
  • If your template output is an Office output (Word, PPT, Excel) you'll need to do the following:
  • {$foo|markdown2html|html2office} will convert the markdown to HTML, and the HTML into Office-safe characters


Having Trouble?

If you're having difficulty setting up your API connection, setting up your document tags, or with your delivery settings within Documents, contact Formstack Documents Support here:

If you're having difficulty with setting up Blocks, or if you need assistance setting up your Tables or Work spaces, contact Airtable Support here: email:

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